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Denisova Cave (Аю-Таш – Bear’s Rock)

There has been news concerning the Denisovans whom, at present, exist more as a DNA encryption, or “ghost tribe”, than people. Following on from last year, it appeared there would be further updates on the dating of the “Denisovan bracelet” found in the cave (it is not clear if Denisovans or Neanderthals produced it) or the possible discovery of more material culture from cognate layers in the same time range:

Instead there has been a report on the, to me, less interesting subject of genetics concerning the DNA analysis of a hybrid human offspring, so direct that the girl’s genetically mixed parentage, one a Denisovan and the other a Neanderthal, were literally “caught in the act”. She should be named Denise: and here:

It wasn’t that long ago, however, when scientists considered Neanderthals a separate, genetically ironclad species to homo sapiens. Today they are a subgroup, which is the case with Denisovans too. While the results of this analysis were already implied, it helps dispel notions of an “Aryan invasion” behind the demise of species and will likely drum up the question of sexual encounter and interbreeding between hominin groups and the nature of those circumstances.

I will leave this post as a template pending further news with aspects of my own research to add. The images are of the cave and Karama in their undulant Altai environment patched with snow, taken in early May 2017 with a few from the Museum of History and Culture of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East, Novosibirsk.












Oh, and the bracelet, taken this year (it was in France 2017):